Remote Locking Restraints

Aimed at revolutionizing new ride design while allowing for greater rider freedom, Safe-Strap introduces the Remote Locking Restraint (RLR) system. A first for the amusement industry, the RLR offers rider-controlled latches for self-loading and unloading of passengers.  With a design like an automotive seat-belt, riders can load and unload using the RLR restraint without the assistance of a ride operator.  The seatbelt retracts when not in use, so it is readily available for the next rider.  The locking features utilize low-voltage electronics that are completely controlled and monitored by the operator and the ride control system. The RLR includes redundant lock-out features with a fail-safe design that ensures each rider’s restraint is locked and secure at all times, even in extreme cases such as a ride power failure.  The RLR also incorporates multiple sensors in each RLR receiver, which allow the operator and control system to monitor critical components during passenger loading and unloading, as well as during the ride operation.

The RLR is perfect for ride simulators, ensuring riders’ safety even when the ride experience means they can’t be observed. Additionally, it’s ideal for increasing the sensation of rider freedom in rides where patrons can now experience a less restrictive and more open environment. This possibility will truly shape the new product design of Amusement Rides to come. The design possibilities are endless when locking/unlocking is 100% controlled and safe!

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