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Time for a Summer Adventure…

Summer Kids


Independence Day Fireworks, Car Shows, Drive Inn Movies (Yes I remember those)  Daytona Racing, Summer Blockbuster Movies,  Family Cook outs, Weekend Cruising, Trips to the beach (lake or river) and Trips to the local Amusement Park or Carnival (also My birthday)!!

All these things remind me of summer more specifically -July!

July is the half way point of the year; No one is thinking of Ice or Snow in the Northern States. Any thoughts of “snow birds” in the South are gone for a few more months.

It is a time of relaxing.  I enjoy reminiscing about summer days and all those amazing summer time adventures. Even more so now creating opportunities for those feelings for my family. No school for them, a few vacation days for me and my wife. It’s a “time for adventures” my youngest daughter loves that phrase; it is an accurate caption for the way we use our time. She says “Dad Lets Have an Adventure!”  The best memories are made this way. No plans just go “Do Something” ….. It becomes like the start of a great movie, you have no idea exactly how it will end.

So use your time to make that Summer Adventure for yourself!


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