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Fail-Safe Remote Locking Restraints Launched at IAAPA 2014

Aimed at revolutionizing new amusement ride design while allowing for greater rider freedom, Safe-Strap will introduce the Fail-Safe Remote Locking Restraint system at the 2014 IAAPA Attractions Expo. A first for the amusement industry, Fail-Safe offers rider-controlled latches with locks controlled by the operator and the ride control system. This innovation was created with both ride simulators and new product design in mind.

Fail-Safe is perfect for ride simulators, ensuring riders’ safety even when the ride experience means they can’t be observed. Additionally, it’s ideal for increasing the sensation of freedom, enabling ride design with a less restrictive and more open environment,” said Paul Giampavolo, founder and president, Safe-Strap Co. “We believe these remote locking restraints open up brand new possibilities in product design and will truly help to shape the amusement rides of the future.”

“This product is high-tech in its capabilities, but extremely easy to use for the rider,” added Charma Wilderson, general manager of Safe-Strap Amusement. “With a design akin to the automotive seatbelt, riders can load and unload using Fail-Safe, without the assistance of a ride operator. The seatbelt retracts when it’s not in use, so it’s readily available for the next rider.”

For more information see our Fail-Safe Remote Locking Restraints page. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me!

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