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Safe-Strap Amusement enters into social media!

Ok so I may have done a little kicking & screaming along the way, but I admit now that I’m here – I am very excited.
In our rapidly changing industry, the blog allows me to share with you:

  • New items in our product lines
  • Trends that are observed while out in the field
  • Alerts to ASTM changes
  • Tips and much more!

Adding to the excitement is the fact that I begin this new journey coinciding with this year’s IAAPA EXPO.  It is definitely a time for launches and advances in technology!  This year Safe-Strap is proud to be launching our Remote Locking Restraints.  Many of you have asked for this type of restraint and I am thrilled that we will be demonstrating them at IAAPA.  Be sure to add booth 2840 to your itinerary! I can’t wait to see you there.

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