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We must be having fun – because time is certainly flying!

Hard to believe we are rapidly approaching Amusement’s “UN-official” kick off to summer.  Memorial Day is less than a few weeks away!  Are you prepared?

Do you have your seat belts and spares to keep you going through the season?

I remember one someone saying once:  “too many empty seats lead to empty pockets!”  Don’t let your seats be empty because of a broken or missing seat-belt.

Safe-Strap Company is here to help keep that revenue coming in with quality, durable seat belts!

Question for you:  When do you change your seat belts?  How often?

We will give everyone a point for the obvious times:

  1. When the original belt is gone or broken
  2. When there are missing parts
  3. When they don’t “function” properly
    1. They don’t adjust, retract, buckle
  4. When it’s so frayed your parts people don’t even want to touch it

But what about the perhaps “not so obvious” times:

  1. When you obtain a new ride: Unless you know the seat belts were brand new- how can you know how old the belts are?
  2. If they have been in service for more than three years –
    1. This is Calendar years – not “in-service” years
    2. Fiber & Materials break down – environmental and other factors contribute to this.  Safe-Strap suggests replacing your seat belts every three years – (when not needed to be replaced sooner)
  3. If they have a “film” of white powder – or have started to “thicken”
    1. These are most common signs of UV deterioration

Safe-Strap Company has a created a nice simple check list that can be used to help not just inspect the seat belts, but also in the re-ordering process.  Call for your FREE checklist pad today!  Yes I said FREE!   Just one more way we are trying to SIMPLIFY SAFETY!

We wish you all a very happy, healthy, Safe and Prosperous Summer Season!


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