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Which Month is our Favorite?

Naturally we really don’t like to play favorites, but June is a top runner:

It’s National Safety Month!


A month to focus on safety of all forms and fashions.  From the leading recognized safety programs in the Amusement Industry, NAARSO & AIMS – to the local schools & programs (like the PA RIDE SAFETY SEMINAR & NORTHWEST SHOWMENS SAFETY SEMINARS).

The hardworking group of experts & passionate members of ASTM – F24 working together to harmonize with other agencies and standards around the world.

Safety for the amusement industry has come under much scrutiny in the past few years – It amazes me some of the media coverage and speculation that is reported as “fact” and “news”.

I am thankful for publications such as AMUSEMENT TODAY & the Carnival Warehouse News that reports the facts and bring balance to these stories.

The unique nature of the amusement industry is not unlike that of a small village – when something happens to one it is felt by all.

So in recognition of the Month – Please check your ride belts!   Follow the guidelines set out in our check list.

You don’t have a checklist?    Call or email us today – we’ll send it to you FREE!

Remembering all of you this month and praying for a great safe year for all of you!

Other Important days in June:

National Donut Day – June 1

National Best Friend Day – June 8th

World Blood Donor Day – June 14th

Father’s Day – June 17th 

International Picnic Day – June 18th


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